Behavioral Coaching and Modification

Our Pricing...

On Command        K9  Education

As a thank you to the brave men and women who protect us, we offer discounted fees to the following public servants, whether active or retired:

  • Military
  • Police Officers
  • Firefighters
  • EMTs

All public servants will receive a discount of 10%  on all packages as well as single lessons.

In addition, we offer all families a multiple-dog discount!  All second, third and fourth dogs that you wish to include in your training will be at half-cost.

All training packages include all in-home training, educational outings, daily support, optional Skype meetings, and educational forms and videos to help you succeed.   Also, your dog will be welcomed to all social outings that our trainer goes to with her dogs! Her basic rule, "If I take my dogs somewhere, I invite!  Let's connect and socialize!"

The Basics:  $550

Foundations Program:   $650

Behavioral Modification Program:   $750 - 900

Anti-Aggression/Separation Anxiety Therapy:   $900 - $1200

Individual Lessons:   Prices Vary  - Dependent Upon Behaviors Covered*

Mini Bundles:  Prices Vary - Dependent Upon Behaviors Covered*

*Please contact us to schedule a consultation and to receive a quote

We accept cash, check, credit cards and PayPal.   Payment installments are accepted as well based on your budgeting needs! Credit Processing Fees Applicable.