Our Principles...

Behavioral Coaching and Modification

On Command        K9  Education

1.  A successful dog/human unit begins with a happy, low-stress relationship.  Here, we reinforce to motivate!

Happy, joyous dogs  (and humans) are simply easier to train.  Given this, it is very important to ensure that the dogs and humans are comfortable and content throughout the training process.  Working WITH your dog, not against them is what we believe in.  Here at On Command K9 Education, you can learn how to use what your dog likes to get them to do what you want.  It is really that simple!  We believe that positive reinforcement, and balanced training methods are the safest and most effective ways to train your dog. 

2.  Obedience requires a mastery of skills.  Well-trained dogs don't happen by accident.

Dogs become well-trained because they understand what is being asked of them and they are capable of doing so.  This does not happen over night.  It takes time, patience, and effort.  Here, we understand that YOU must also learn to think and act like a professional dog trainer.  We will teach you our techniques, so you and your dog can learn to work together as a team.  You will have the opportunity to learn how to read your animal, how behavior works, and how to modify it.  You will not only learn how to fix current problem behaviors, but keep future problem behaviors from occurring.  Your dog isn't the only one getting an education!

3.  One-Size-Fits-All dog training rarely works well.

In addition to being highly skilled and experienced, Bobbi Jo believes that trainers must adapt their techniques to fit their dogs' size, personalities, breed, intelligence and more.  One of the most important parts of the training is the initial consultation, because this provides Bobbi Jo with insights into dog's behaviors and skills, their history, the owner's goals and concerns, and more.  Based on the results of the consultation, a well thought-out training plan can be developed and implemented.  Private dog training is a great way to ensure that you and your dog are getting the attention you both deserve!  Our private, in-home dog training sessions have no maximum time length; Bobbi Jo will spend whatever time necessary with you and your canine companion.  We do not believe in limiting a session due to time, we believe in maximizing each lesson with you and your dog by not ending our session until our goals are completed. 

4.  Great dog trainers start with passion and energy.

Like most professionals, excellent dog trainers and behaviorists possess a great deal of hard-earned knowledge and skills.  However, to be truly successful in this field, trainers must also love and respect dogs and love their work.  Dogs are trained best by people who love and respect dogs, have the passion, patience and energy to persevere through the process; and who can relate authentically with owners.  Bobbi Jo has been working with dogs since 2000.  She started her work as a kennel technician at a dog day care, while apprenticing for years to become a dog trainer.  After hard work and dedication, she became a kennel manager at a boarding and day care facility.  She has also worked for a wildlife rehabilitation zoo, worked with various rescue organizations, and now also works as a  veterinary nurse.  Bobbi Jo is truly committed to the well-being, care and education of our furry friends, and dedicates her skills, experience and vigor to helping her clients work through their frustrations to ultimately form a better relationship with their dogs.