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Here's How It Works...

Behavioral Coaching and Modification

1.  Schedule Your Consultation...

To set up a free, no obligation, in-home or on-line consultation, contact us today!  We'll schedule a time that's convenient and works for you and everyone else living with your dog(s).  

2.  Program Design...

The consultation allows us to first, meet!  Secondly, it provides our trainer with the opportunity to properly assess your dog's temperament and personality, as well as to discuss your goals, expectations and to find out what exactly you want to accomplish with your time!

We take all that we learn from the in-home consultation and design a customized training program that is uniquely designed around your lifestyle and goals.  We found that by taking this extra time we get better results in a faster amount of time.

3. Start Training...

Based on your consultation, you are then matched to a program that best suits your needs and budget.  

We offer a program for young dogs and puppies that need a solid foundation of obedience in order to PREVENT unwanted behaviors from developing. This Basic Program focuses on basic obedience commands, proper handling, socialization and problem solving to help you steer your relationship on the right path before "issues" arise. 

If your dog is a bit older, but doesn't require Behavioral Modification, we also offer the Foundations Program, which is geared toward obedience as well as ironing out some mild issues you may be having in or out of the home. 

We also offer programs for dogs who need help with behavioral issues.  The Behavioral Modification course helps iron out many issues, including (but not limited to) jumping, digging, getting into trash, running out of the front door, potty training, social issues; along with teaching your dog basic obedience commands.

Finally, we also offer Anti-Aggression and Separation Anxiety Therapy programs to help  your reactive, anxious, or anti-social dog over-come their shortcomings.  

In addition to full programs, we also have options of single lessons and mini bundles, which are great for those on a budget!  Single lessons give the trainer and family the opportunity to tackle a few issues in one session.  These lessons are ideal for the family who is not interested in basic training, but rather ironing out some problems with some much-needed support!

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