Molly & Chad walking Jax & Gabriel

Leo learning to 'Stay' in public!

Diesel 'stays' despite distractions!

Guapo has tricks!

Bobbi Jo and Kash

About Bobbi Jo, Our Trainer...

Charlie loves the 'Come' Command!

Jen & Lucy making learning FUN!

Behavioral Coaching and Modification

Odin giving a very high five!

Storm completed Anti-Aggression with Bobbi Jo!

Spartan & Mardi hang out Uptown

Bobbi Jo, husband Allan with their dogs, Spartan & Sam

Founded in 2012 by Roberta "Bobbi Jo" Teel, On Command K9 Education is a private, Columbus-based company that provides on-site training and behavioral modification services specifically designed to enhance the relationships between dogs and their owners.

For nearly 18 years, Bobbi Jo has successfully transformed dogs of all ages and breeds, in spite of their many challenges, into well-adjusted, loving and obedient family members in Columbus and beyond. 

She has accomplished this using her own innovative and customized approach that takes complex  principles and applies them in a fun, humane, intelligent and easy-to-understand way.

Bobbi Jo explains it like this, " I have learned through the years, working with thousands of different dogs in different environments, that I must consider all facets of the dog's medical, physical, environmental and social factors that may be helping or hindering their chances for success.  In addition, I too, must learn and respect the family's goals, expectations and desires to create a plan that works for each individual".

We at On Command K9 Education understand that choosing someone to train your dogs is much like choosing someone to help you care for and teach your child.  Not only do you want to find someone with the proper background, education, and experience, you want to find someone you trust and feel comfortable with, and whose methods and ideas make sense to you.  For that reason, Bobbi Jo has always offered free in-home or on-line consultations to give potential clients the opportunity to meet her and to have the opportunity to ask questions about her methods and programs. 

There are many trainers and many methods, so we hope that giving you a little more information about Bobbi Jo will help you in making the decision that's right for you.

To learn more about Bobbi Jo's training,  please click on the link to the left of this page labeled "Our Principles" or, if you have a question, please connect with us via Facebook or Email!

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